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4 Ideas Made It to the Final Round!

12th Jan 2009

Hi Everybody,

Terrific news! Four animal-friendly ideas in the Ideas for Change in America competition made it to the final round! Since voting has been reset to zero, it’s crucial that each of us votes again for these ideas by this Thursday, January 15th. If these ideas make it to the final ten, they will be presented to the Obama administration at a press conference at the National Press Club the following day. Then, a national campaign will be launched to ensure that each idea gets full consideration by the new administration and 111th Congress.  So, please vote! This would be a dream come true for some of our animals!

To vote, click on each of the links below. When at each idea, click on the reddish-brownish box that has a number in it that is to the left of each title. After you click it, the number should go up by one. However, if you did not vote in the first round, this won’t happen and you’ll be prompted to create an account instead. It’s very simple and takes about 30 seconds. Then, you’ll be able to go back and cast your vote.

Note: we can vote for all four, not just one.

-Pass the Puppy Uniform Protection Statute to Help Stop Puppy Mills
-Stop Animal Torture
-Ban Breed Specific Legislation
-Vegan School Lunch Options

As always, thank you!