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Update on Ideas for Change in America Competition

19th Jan 2009

Hi Everybody,


Unfortunately, animal issues did not make the top 10, but at least four qualified for the second important group of 25 runners-up (and this is out of 7,847 ideas that were presented). I’m very proud of our community and feel confident that as we continue to work together, we will make a difference. 


Below are the top 10 ideas and below these are the 25 runners-up.


All the best,



 Top 10 Winners of the Ideas for Change in America Competition, listed in no particular order:

(Note: 656,991 votes were cast for 7,847 ideas)


1) Make the Grid Green in 10 years, Liz Rose

2) Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana, Jose Torres

3) Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties, Jon Pincus

4) Save Small Business From the CPSIA, Cecilia Leibovitz

5) Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom, Bill Pleasants

6) Pass the DREAM Act - Support Higher Education for All Students, Dream ACTivist

7) Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace and Non-Violence, Stephen Zendt

8) Free Single Payer Health Care, Jared S.

9) Develop & Implement a National Strategy for Sustainability, Rob Wheeler

10) Pass Marriage Equality Rights for LGBT Couples Nationwide, Jen N.  


The 25 runner-up ideas that perhaps will be supported as well at some point down the line. Again, they are not listed in any particular order: 


1) Introduce Esperanto as a foreign language subject in schools to help American kids succeed, Oleg Izyumenko

2) Leave Iraq Now!, Clint Tomlinson

3) Bridging the Empathy Gap - Yes We Can!, Jori Manske

4) High Speed Rail Trains to Cut Emissions, Cost of Travel and Create Jobs, David Cohn


6) Solar power: yes we can!, Bob Cohen

7) Ban Breed Specific Legislation, Whitney Fisher

8) Abortion rights, Suzanne Davis

9) Legalize Milk, Charles N. Rutledge

10) Restore Investments In Rail Service And Infrastructure, Baratunde Thurston

11) Solve The Credit Crisis From The Bottom Up Through Social Lending, Scott Krager

12) ReBuild and RePower America with a Green Stimulus Package, Jake Brewer

13) Make FREE Trade FAIR Trade For Them AND for US, Keith Rouda

14) Pass the Puppy Uniform Protection Statute to Help Stop Puppy Mills, Carie Lewis

15) Stop Animal Torture, Ginette Callaway

16) End the Genocide in Darfur, Jerry Fowler

17) US Leadership to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Globally, David Krieger

18) Fully Fund Medicaid Waivers for the Developmentally Disabled, Renee Beauregard

19) Protect Our Food Supply – Stop NAIS!, Pamela Matlack Klein

20) Victory Gardens 2.0, Roger Doiron

21) Forgive Student Loans: Stimulate the Middle and Lower Middle Class, Sarah Szalavitz

22) Mobilize Mentors, Tutors, and Citizen Teachers to Help Kids Succeed, Eric Schwarz

23) Healthful school lunch options, Alex Hershaft

24) Repeal the Patriot Act, Pierre Loiselle

25) Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration, Bob Fertik