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Zoe Weil to Do Our Classroom Discussion Guide

24th Mar 2011

Zoe Weil is one of our heroes. She is the powerhouse responsible for creating the humane education movement, inspiring people to teach kids to think critically and to explore social justice, environmental ethics, and animal protection issues in classrooms all around the world. Somehow, between serving as president of the Institute for Humane Education, writing books, and giving TED Talks, she is finding time to put together the classroom discussion guide for Vegucated.

As a former volunteer humane educator and a graduate of the popular Sowing Seeds humane education workshops whose own life and path has been inspired by her work, you can imagine how excited I was to see that she said called Vegucated "the best film of it's kind that's ever been produced." She said that we "found just the right approach and tone to reach a mainstream audience and to inspire healthier, more environmental and more humane food choices without proselytizing or creating defensiveness." She goes on to say. "I found this film to be utterly masterful in achieving the perfect balance that will lead people to learn more about and modify their food choices while feeling enthusiastic about doing so. Creating a film about factory farming and veganism that is humorous, engaging, inspiring, shocking, thought-provoking, and completely compelling all at the same time is no small feat, but Marisa has done it." She concludes by calling Vegucated an "outstanding, unique and profoundly valuable project."

Pick me up off the floor because I just fainted. Again.

It's official. I have an even bigger activist crush on Zoe Weil. MMW + ZW 4-ever!