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Dealing with Unsupportive People 101
20 Jun 2011

Dear Vegan at Heart,

This week your mission is to read Kris Carr's tips for dealing with people who don't support your healthy lifestyle changes.


Happy first day of summer!  


Welcome to Vegan at Heart "Light" -- the lighter, summery, bi-monthly version of our weekly newsletter. While we're in pre-screenings of our documentary Vegucated this summer we'll be stripping the fluff off the newsletter and keeping it simple. That means less time on the computer for you too! 


Speaking of shedding layers, 'tis the season to shed negativity towards people who don't seem to be super supportive of your healthy lifestyle changes. Summer's all about fun and sun, not bad vibes from or towards other people who don't "get" you.


Kris Carr, author of the best-selling, life-changing Crazy Sexy Diet, offers good advice on how to deal with unsupportive people.  


This week your mission is to read her post.   


Then get out there and enjoy some vitamin D! 









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