Our Mission & MO

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Kind Green Planet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about healthy, humane, eco-friendly living. Through grassroots film screenings and workshops, activism and lifestyle coaching, and community programs, we empower people to make personal choices that align with their values of justice, peace, respect for the earth, and compassion for all living beings.

Our modus operandi stems from our own personal stories. In the same way that we didn’t become clean, green, animal-saving machines overnight, we don’t expect others to either. We believe that sustainable change happens incrementally, and we understand that any kind of change can be daunting for people at first. So we celebrate the small victories in everyone’s evolution, and we appreciate the value of laughter along the way. The journey to a more just, sustainable society is long and hard, but it can be really fun, fulfilling, and even thrilling at times. And we’re delighted when people like you join us for the ride.