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ACTDo you really want to help animals and the environment but don't have the time? Then join Mary Max's e-mail activist list! Mary usually sends just one easy-to-do alert per week that asks you to urge certain lawmakers or corporations to implement policies and practices that will protect animals and the environment. Sounds too simple? Well, it is. But, it is also very effective!

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(Note: We love all the interest we're getting from Canadian subscribers, but we should note that this list is primarily geared towards U.S. companies and legislation. As long as you don't mind that, feel free to sign up!)

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One Bite at a Time

9th Jun 2010
Hi Everybody, Last week’s alert highlighted the brutality industrial farming inflicts on animals. This week’s alert highlights the brutality industrial farming inflicts on the environment. Please take just a few moments to read this concise article in The Guardian about a report from...

Good Eats and Tweets

8th Mar 2011
Hi Everybody, This week I’m excited to share an excellent advocacy tip. Perhaps it’s thought that Twitter is mostly used to share our latest mundane activities. As we’ve witnessed in the latest uprisings in the Middle East, though, it can be pretty darn powerful! The alert...

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