Our Story

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We started in 2003, about a year and a half after founder Mary Max and first employee Marisa Miller Wolfson started volunteering together on grassroots outreach for animal and environmental issues. Originally named “Global Green Foundation,” we helped other organizations such as Farm Sanctuary and Tribe of Heart hold record-breaking walkathons and documentary film debuts.

After a short while, we developed our own successful programs and started production on our own feature-length documentary, which we hope to finish up soon. We saw an opportunity to help keep companion animals out of city shelters and brought Joyce Friedman on board, whose expertise and creative problem-solving skills have saved countless animals’ lives through the Safety Net Program she co-runs at Animal Care & Control of NYC.

Now, with a new name, exciting programs, and an action alert list with thousands of allies around the country with whom we are in touch every week, we are able to empower people not only to make kind, green personal choices but to become kind, green activists who are changing the world every day in all kinds of ways.