FoodprintNYC Resolution

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Kind Green Planet is working with other food justice and environmental and animal protection groups on a groundbreaking New York City Council resolution that would put food policy front and center in the discussion about how to combat climate change. The resolution calls for a citywide "Foodprint NYC" initiative that would create greater access to local, organic, plant-based food, especially in low-income communities and city run institutions. 

Since the "FoodprintNYC" resolution was introduced by Council Member Bill de Blasio earlier this month, eleven City Council members have signed on as co-sponsors. Now it's time to get all members on board!

Please call and email your New York City council member and politely, yet firmly urge him/her to co-sponsor "The FoodprintNYC Resolution," which would create greater access экскурсии в карелию из москвы, organic plant-based food and thereby help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associatated with the production, processing, packaging, and shipping of unhealthy, unsustainable food.If your council member is already a co-sponsor, kindly thank him/her for making the food-climate change connection a priority.

To find out who your council member is and his/her contact info, click here.

To read the resolution in its entirety, click here.

For more information about FoodprintNYC and other green foods initiatives across the U.S., visit

Recent press on the initiative includes the Village Voice blog, The New York Times blog, Huffingtonpost, and CivilEats.

Kind Green Planet is a founding member of the NYC Foodprint Alliance, a collaborative network of food justice, environmental, anti-hunger and human and animal rights organizations working for a more healthy, just and sustainable food system for New York City.

The Alliance was founded in February 2009 to develop and advocate for a New York City Council resolution that addresses our city's "foodprint"—our food system's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.

Founding Alliance Members

  • Animal Welfare Advocacy,
  • Brighter Green,
  • Cool Foods Campaign,
  • East New York Farms!,
  • Eating Liberally,
  • Farm Sanctuary,
  • Just Food,
  • Kind Green Planet,
  • New York City Community Gardens Coalition,
  • New York Coalition for Healthy School Food,
  • New York League of Humane Voters,
  • Oxfam ActionCorps NYC,
  • Sierra Club New York City Group,
  • Slow Food USA,
  • Small Planet Institute,
  • Take a Bite out of Climate Change,
  • World Hunger Year,

Need information? Want to join the Alliance?! .