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The Humane Society of the
The nation’s largest animal protection organization

Farm Sanctuary
Our country’s leading farm animal protection organization

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Farm animal sanctuary just 2 hours from NYC

Maple Farm Sanctuary
A new farm animal sanctuary in Massachusetts

Educators who teach kids about human rights issues, animal welfare, environmental ethics, and character development

Compassion Over Killing and Mercy for Animals
Outstanding organizations that focus mostly on chickens

Humane USA
The only national organization focusing on electing humane-minded legislators and lobbying for animal protection laws

Main website, teen website, kids website for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Brighter Green
New public policy “action tank” for the environment, animals and sustainable development

A Well-fed World
Terrific health, hunger and environmental organization that works to mend an unhealthy, unsustainable food system

The Small Planet Institute
Great organization founded by esteemed authors Frances Moore Lappe and daughter Anna Lappe

Organic Consumers Association
The national group that speaks out for organic consumers

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Medical doctors who provide excellent nutritional information

Union of Concerned Scientists
The leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment

Fair Trade Federation
Association of fair trade companies & organizations

Clean Clothes
International campaign to improve working conditions for garment workers

Veg Climate Alliance
Seeks to slow global warming by helping people access much-needed info

Dancing Star Foundation
Nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to international biodiversity conservation, global environmental education, and animal protection.