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Petrochemical-free Candles

When lit, normal paraffin candles emit trace amounts of toxins. Choose veg-based candles such as soy with pure essential oils as a healthier, greener alternative.

Brilliant Brita

Plastic water bottles are expensive! Wholesalers offer Brita pitchers (equal to 40 8oz bottles of H2O) for $4.00 or less. 40 x $1.25 (avg. price for a bottle) = $50.00 - OUCH!

Green that Mug!

Save on paper and plastic at your favorite chain with re-fillable travel mugs. In many cases, added incentives like free refills are included as well!


Avoid germs in public restrooms by air drying hands. You're saving paper and electricity!

No-plastic Basket

Pack a no-plastic picnic basket. Transport your food in mason jars and serve on repurposed plates made from South Asian palm leaves (

Email Storage

Storing unwanted emails takes up storage, which uses energy. Unsubscribe from email lists that you rarely read to save time and energy.

'Tis the Season to Join a CSA

New Yorkers can look up Community Supported Agriculture programs in their neighborhood at Better sign up now; they're filling up fast!

Tea Time

To "green" your tea, choose organic, loose teas (using a tea strainer instead of bags) and heat water in the microwave instead of the stove to save energy.

Tree tip

New Yorkers can put their holiday greenery curbside for the NY Dept. of Sanitation to pick up and turn into mulch through Jan. 15.

Swap, Don't Shop!

Want to boost your winter wardrobe for free? Don't shop. Swap! Invite your friends to bring a bag of clothes they don't wear very often, then swap until you drop!

Tea Trick

Green tea works as a natural kitty litter freshener. Just dry out your tea bag and sprinkle it into the litter box.

The Toilet Tank Trick

Put a glass jar filled with water into your toilet tank and save that amount of water from going down the drain every time you flush!