Volunteer/Employment Opportunities

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Whether you’re into animal rescue or archival research, or you’re just willing to pound the pavement, we can use your help! Here are the areas where we can use volunteers:

Marketing & Promotion

People can’t participate in events or programs if they don’t know about them! We need people to help promote our events and programs on the internet, to the media, and to target markets around New York. Whether it’s distributing flyers, posting notices on online forums or sending out press releases, we can take all the help we can get. Contact .

Temporary Dog & Cat Fostering

Love animals but can't have a pet for life right now? Have a pet and would like to open your home temporarily to another pet in need of a safe place for a short while? Become a Pets for Life Program foster parent! When clients contact Pets for Life in a crisis situation such as a house fire, an eviction, or a domestic violence situation, they are in need of a safe place for their beloved dog or cat while they resolve the crisis and get back into permanent housing.  Foster homes are needed to prevent these pets from being given up to the animal shelter, where they risk euthanasia. Help keep pets with their families by temporarily fostering a pet in your home. Food and supplies are provided if needed. Contact .


Got a lot of time on your hands? Inquire about the possibility of turning a volunteer position it into an internship. We’re sorry we’re not able to pay our interns at this time, but we’re willing to write glowing recommendations and/or grade you for school credit!