Pets For Life NYC

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Pets for Life NYC (PFLNYC), formerly known as the Safety Net Program, is an animal surrender prevention program which offers guidance, services and solutions to New York City area residents for problems they are having keeping their pet for life. Our goal is to help solve the problem(s) so the person is able to keep their pet with them in their family and avoid surrendeirng them to city shelters.
PFLNYC offers free and low-cost behavior training for dogs and cats for guardians in financial need, reduced-cost boarding (and foster homes when available) for people in temporary crises, information regarding пешие экскурсии по питеру pet-related landlord/tenant issues, allergy and shedding information and solutions, reduced-cost vet care for those who qualify, pet food donations for those in need, education and referrals for free and low-cost spay/neuter, and general guidance and support for pet guardians and for people who have found unclaimed stray animals.


We're currently seeking:

Volunteers to field calls on our hotline. Provide counseling and offer our services to people considering giving up their pets. Volunteers can work from home! Full training provided.

Foster Parents for the animals of people in crisis. All pet food and supplies provided to you as you foster an animal in your home until his or her guardian can take him or her back home with them.

Contact to volunteer in this life-saving NYC program!

PFLNYC's goal is to spread the program across the country so that every municipal shelter has a PFL program. If you work at a shelter and would like to learn how to create such a program there, please contact us at

Our program web page is

Feel free to also check out recent coverage of the program on NY1 and a short video about a former client, Kosin, who enlisted our help with her beloved (yet rambunctious!) dog, Bento, and are now living happily ever after.