Media About Kind Green Planet

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Here is a small selection of press clips and interviews with or articles about Kind Green Planet staffers.

Planet Green just got vegucated! Thanks to writer and Kind Green Planet friend Mickey Z. for putting the Vegucated trailer and an exclusive interview with director Marisa Miller Wolfson on

The vegan bake sale that we co-organized with Our Hen House on Earth Day was featured in a fantastic CNN article about this year's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, which took place on six continents around the globe.

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Our Vegan at Heart program was listed as a "favorite tip-sharing online newsletter" in an article called "Vegan Fashion: Compassionate Couture" on

Green Technology Daily

The Meat of the Matter: Questions and Answers about Veganism
by Andrew Graham

Greenpoint Gazette

An Inconvenient Food (PDF)

VegNews Wedding

Exquisite Vegan Weddings (PDF)