Helpful Magazines, DVDs, and E-newsletters

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Hands-down, the best veg eating and lifestyle magazine

E magazine
Great environmental magazine

Organic Style
This fab eco mag has gone paperless—only available online

The Green Guide
Makes sustainable living seem so simple

Coco Eco
Flip through the virtual pages of this online mag--like Vogue for the eco set!


Compassionate Cooks
Fabulous DVD that shows how to cook and shop cruelty-free

Tofu 1-2-3
With this video/DVD, adding tofu to your diet has never been easier)

The Story of Stuff, The Meatrix, and The True Cost of Food
Funny, informative short animated films about industrialization & consumerism

The Witness
Life-changing documentary about a construction contractor turned animal advocate 

Mad Cowboy
Documentary telling the story of former cattle rancher/feedlot operator Howard Lyman

Mind-blowing film about animals raised for pets, food, clothing, entertainment & research

Websites with Must-Subscribe Newsletters or Podcasts

The Girlie Girl Army
The ultimate weekly e-newsletter for conscientious glamazon living

Finally, a website with celebrity news you don't have to feel bad about because all their gossip is green and animal-friendly

The Daily Green
Super cool daily eco tips over email

Vegan Babe
Weekly emails with product tips for the style-conscious vegan

Alerts that keep you up-to-date on what the media is saying about animals and veg living

Vegetarian Food for Thought
This podcast by Colleen Patrick-Goudreaus could change your life

Our Hen House
A fresh and funny podcast that will inspire you to change the word for animals