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One Bite at a Time

9th Jun 2010

Hi Everybody,

Last week’s alert highlighted the brutality industrial farming inflicts on animals. This week’s alert highlights the brutality industrial farming inflicts on the environment. Please take just a few moments to read this concise article in The Guardian about a report from the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) International Panel of Sustainable Resource Management.

For the health of the planet, ourselves, and the animals, let’s all give it our best effort to not consume animals and their by-products. And for those of you who might like a little coaching to help you through the transition, I highly recommend subscribing to Vegan at Heart. It is a free email coaching program that provides tips and resources to health-conscious, veg-curious people who want to move towards a plant-based diet. (To read some testimonials from subscribers about how fun and effective it is, click here.)

Saving life, one bite at a time!