Urge President-elect Obama to Help Farm Animals

2nd Dec 2008
Hello Everybody, With the landslide victory of California’s Proposition 2, we are acutely poised to build on the momentum of this landmark outcome! First up is urging President-elect Barack Obama to appoint a Secretary of Agriculture who is truly concerned about food safety, environmental protection, and animal welfare. Given...


18th Dec 2008
Hi, Everybody, As a follow up to last Monday’s alert (see below), please visit Adopt, Don’t Shop to sign the petition asking Vice President-elect Joe Biden to admit his mistake. Please then forward this far and wide. We want to get at least 10,000 signatures. (Note:...

He Bought Instead of Adopting!

15th Dec 2008
  Hi Everybody,   Have you heard the bad news that Vice President-elect Joe Biden bought a dog from a breeder rather than adopting one from a shelter? UGH times a gazillion! However, since he is not picking up the dog for a month, we have a chance...

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