Time to Make the Donuts!

8th Apr 2009
Hi Everybody, Do you all recall the Dunkin' Donuts commercial from years ago in which the tagline was, "time to make the donuts"? Well, it's now time to make the donuts without any eggs and dairy! It will be healthier for us and certainly less cruel...

He Must Be Held Accountable!

15th Apr 2009
Hi Everybody,   By now, I'm sure you have all heard the terrible news that President Obama allowed Senator Ted Kennedy to give him a Portuguese Water Hound (now named Bo) from a breeder.   I'm just flabbergasted, sick to my stomach, and disheartened. How could he do this?...

It Couldn't Be Said Any Better

10th Apr 2009
Hi Everybody,   Although I’m not religious (spiritual—yes, religious—no) this simple, yet oh-so eloquent Easter message just takes my breath away. I hope it’s as inspiring to all of you as well. After all, it’s a message that can be applied to any holiday of any religion...

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