Send a Valentine to a Chained Dog!

27th Jan 2009
Hi Everybody, Sadly, there are millions of dogs in this country who suffer terribly because they are kept chained outside 24-7. That is, they are constantly chained to a doghouse, fence, garage, or post, left to endure rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, etc. They also suffer...

Update on Ideas for Change in America Competition

19th Jan 2009
Hi Everybody,   Unfortunately, animal issues did not make the top 10, but at least four qualified for the second important group of 25 runners-up (and this is out of 7,847 ideas that were presented). I’m very proud of our community and feel confident that as we...

4 Ideas Made It to the Final Round!

12th Jan 2009
Hi Everybody, Terrific news! Four animal-friendly ideas in the Ideas for Change in America competition made it to the final round! Since voting has been reset to zero, it’s crucial that each of us votes again for these ideas by this Thursday, January 15th. If these...

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