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Mission #1:
Shopping List

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Your first mission is to create a shopping list.

If you're like me, the following has happened: you stare at the fridge wishing you had something and you think, "Oh yeah! That's what I need! When I go to the store, I'll remember to get it." And then when you find yourself at the store on your way to someplace else while you're hungry and the store is about to close, you don't remember it.

A shopping list doesn't have to be a fancy pre-made Shopping List that you buy at the Shopping List Store. Here’s what you do:

  1. Get a pad of paper or stack pieces of scrap paper into a neat little pile and put it in a convenient spot in the kitchen. Put a pencil next to it. When you're at home and you remember something that you need, pick your butt up, walk your butt to the kitchen, and write it down.


  1. If you have an electronic PDA or a Blackberry, create a shopping list on it. That way you will always have it with you!

Take your timer (cell phone timer or oven timer is fine), set it for 5 minutes, and complete your first mission. It will probably take less than 2 minutes!

:-) Marisa


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You Said It!
Lists are easy.
I'm a compulsive list maker. I'm sure this is helpful to most folks but I look forward to a mission with a bit more challenge to it. No complaints though Marisa - just looking forward to more missions! Thank you for offering yourself and your creativity as a vegan coach to those of us who are having trouble making this lifestyle change on our own. Greatful.
Jaime (Tue, 18th Jan, 2011)

You Said It!
Good idea, Jacinda!
How many condiment bottles and specialty items go to waste, just sitting there? Planning is always good for the economy of the kitchen!
Marisa (Wed, 12th Jan, 2011)
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