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Mission #10:
Eating on a Budget

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to read "Vegan on a Budget."

 Recession-proof your grocery bill with a few tips and tricks. 

  1. Read “Vegan on a Budget”
  2. Add ingredients to your grocery list if you feel so inspired.

This is a short one. You’ll be done in no time!




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You Said It!
This page has been cleared
I'm assuming you haven't checked out this link lately, but there is no longer an article on this page. There is the title "Eating on a Budget" and then there are a bunch of comments, but the article itself is not there. It may only be down temporarily while they update, but it does not have any notation to indicate such a situation. Just wanted to let you know, I missed seeing "so many choices."
Wren Dugan (Fri, 25th Jan, 2013)

You Said It!
Budget Eating
So many choices! Lovely! Thanks, Marissa!
Shari (Thu, 25th Sep, 2008)


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