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Mission #5:
Vegan "Dairy" and "Meats"

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today's mission is to add vegan “dairy” and “meats” to your shopping list.

Ten years ago, mainstream grocery stores didn't carry non-dairy milks and soy or wheat meats. Lucky that you're trying this now! Chances are, you've tried some and have an opinion but have you tried every kind? Prolly not! The fun thing about incorporating vegan routines is that you have the freedom to try all kinds of brands and flavors to find your favorite.

  1. Put "non-dairy milk" on your shopping list. If you've only tried soy milk, try a rice or nut milk….or a different brand. Note: some people find soy milk more difficult to digest. Take note of how you feel after each one.

  2. Put "non-dairy butter" on your list. Some grocery stores carry Earth Balance, Soy Garden, or Willow Run, which are all brands that many people think taste the most like dairy butter. If not, they will probably carry Benecol or Smart Balance.

  3. Add "meat replacer" to your list. Check out what kind of veggie burgers or soy sausages they have. Read the ingredients to make sure there are no egg whites in there!

  4. Add "vegan ice cream" to your list. Swing by the frozen section to see what they've got. If they don't have vegan brands such as So Delicious, Soy Dream, or Tofutti, look for a vegan sorbet. Treat yourself for doing this mission!

  5. Schedule a time to go to the grocery store this week. Write it in your calendar.


P.s. Water and vitamins. Nuff said.


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You Said It!
I have just transferred from vegetarian to vegan. Your ideas sound helpful, similar to what i am doing now. However what do you do to get the calcium needed without eating or drinking to many fatty things.I recently talked to a deitition and she said since i am only 16 years old i have to have 800mg per day which is around 1 pint of alpro soya milk and 200g of soya yogurt, as you may have noticed this is a lot per day and i am struggling to achieve this every day. How do you incorporate calcium into your diet in large enough quantities?
Jess (Tue, 4th Aug, 2015)

You Said It!
Milk Choices
There is a lot of choices of non-dairy milks, I have tried Hemp milk and it is great, it has no THC but it is still great it has sort of an earthy taste ( Very, very mild) so keep up the battle as i amm. It's hard but not impossible :)
Omar suarez (Thu, 28th Feb, 2013)
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