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Mission #9:
Transitional Foods

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today's mission is to print out the attached pages and take them with you to the health food store.

I've put together 3 sheets of what I like to call "transitional foods." These are vegan versions of traditional animal foods, from mayonnaise to meatballs. Should you live off of this stuff entirely? Heck naw. Granted, they ARE lower in saturated fat than their animal-based counterparts and have zero cholesterol, so they're better for your waistline and your ticker. BUT, they are still processed foods, which don't have the health advantages of whole foods. Still, they come in handy, especially as you transition to more plant-based living because you probably crave the taste and texture of meat and dairy and rely on them for many of your meals.

  1. Print out a copy of these pages. [1, 2, 3] pdf
  2. Take them with you to the health food store.
  3. Buy at least 3 of the recommended products. Let me emphasize again that you've got to try lots of different brands and flavors to figure out your favorites. Consider it an adventure!

I guarantee that after you try some of these, you won't want to go back to the non-vegan versions because they're THAT good. If you like, tell me the brands and flavors you especially enjoyed, and I'll share them with other Vegans at Heart.

Yay, yummy food!

:-) Marisa


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You Said It!
Transitional foods
Love Amy's no cheese veggie pizza. All Amy's products are great!
Hope Lindsay (Thu, 7th Jun, 2012)

You Said It!
Don't Forget Tofurky Pizza
Don't forget about Tofurky pizzas. They are amazing, amazing things and I love them. I even ate them when I still ate meat and dairy.
Lauren (Tue, 5th Jun, 2012)
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