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Mission #14:
A Veg or Veg-Friendly Restaurant Near You

Dear Vegan at Heart,

You’ve done thirteen missions. Yay, you!

Today your mission is to reward yourself by starting to plan a brunch, lunch, or dinner date with a friend or flame at a veg or veg-friendly restaurant.

New Yorkers are lucky. We have about a hundred vegetarian restaurants! We can go out to dinner every night for 3 months and still not have tried them all. Every year all around the country, more and more open up, thanks to people like you who create the demand. Please take this opportunity to treat yourself and to support entrepreneurs who are offering healthy, humane, eco-friendly alternatives.

1. To find one, log onto Happy Cow.

New Yorkers can go straight here.

2. You’ll see restaurants listed alphabetically with price info, ratings, and even reviews. You have to click on “read” to read the reviews.

3. Check out the interactive map that shows you where the vegetarian, vegan, and veg-friendly restaurants and health food stores are all over your city/region.

4. Set your timer to 10 minutes and browse. Probably won’t even take you 10 minutes to get through them.

5. If you have an iPhone, I HIGHLY recommend the VegOut app, which has all the important info from Happycow, so you can find veg and veg-friendly places wherever you are, whenever you need to get the veg lay of the land.

Happy searching!

Your fan,


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You Said It!
Great mission!
I know there are a lot of vegan restaurants out there, but I always find myself needing to call people to find out where they are. This is really helpful. Thanks!
David (Thu, 28th Aug, 2008)


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