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Mission #8:
Health Food Store

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to schedule a trip to a health food store near home or work.

Health food stores smell nice and they infuse you with healthy energy. Plus, they often have better discounts on vegan products than regular supermarkets. If you're going for a big chain natural food store, Trader Joe's has lower prices than Whole Foods. If you want the best prices and a great community to boot, consider joining a co-op if you have one near you.

1. Find a health food store near your home and your work. Even if you know where one is near work and home, see if you can't find another one near another place you frequent often. You can:

a.) Conduct a search for “natural food” in your town through the Yellow Pages

b.) Even better, go to Happy Cow and click on your continent, your country, your state, your city, and finally, your part of town. Click "Health Food Stores" once you get to the city page.

Here's a shortcut for Vegans at Heart from Manhattan.

2. Find a day within the next week to go there. Write it in your calendar.

3. Set your timer to 5 min. and off you go!



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You Said It!
This mission helped me find out there is a natural market closer to me than I thought!
Julia (Thu, 10th Jan, 2013)

You Said It!
Love to get new ideas to make better choices.
B Hobson (Sat, 31st Oct, 2009)
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