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Mission #15:
Make a Date

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to schedule your date at a veg restaurant.

I hope you found some restaurants that piqued your interest. Now’s your chance to decide who you want to dine with. Friends and flames are always fun but you can also consider asking a vegan you know to join you. When I first went vegan, hanging out with my vegan mentors was a huge help for me. Just tell them you’re interested in incorporating more vegan habits into your life and you’d like to meet with them for tips and pointers. I’ll bet you a Luna bar (and I mean that!) that they’ll be eager to help.

  1. Call or email the person you want to dine with and try to make a date within the next two weeks.

  2. Use Happy Cow to find a veg restaurant that works for both of you.

Bon appetit!


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You Said It!
The rest of the world VS. New York City
The only vegetarian restaurant I know of in the entire region went out of business inside a few months (at two different locations in two different cities. It didn't last long.) However there are many vegetarian choices at common restaurants. If you order Chinese order from the "special diet menu" (nearly every take out place has one) and get the steamed vegetables. Garlic sauce comes on the side. There are many vegan options, it's just discerning. And not being too picky.
Wren Dugan (Wed, 30th Jan, 2013)

You Said It!
This is fun!
It's kind of like, "Hey, Go out and celebrate with me that I'm making this happen!"
David (Thu, 28th Aug, 2008)


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