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Mission #2:
What DO Vegans Eat?

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to peruse a sample vegan menu for two weeks.

Sometime a long time ago, a rumor started that vegans survive on lettuce and air. And somehow the rumor stuck. So, what DO we eat?

  1. Go to VegCooking and read the sample menus.
  2. Bookmark that site; it’s a great resource for so many things!
  3. Set your timer to five minutes this time and see how much you can learn in just five minutes!



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You Said It!
Baby Steps into a new way of life
Oops, I actually mean't to rate my second mission with more hearts - but never mind. I have always been enthusiastic about learning new foods to cook with, and who ever said vegan cooking was boring? Nope - it isn't. If anything, it encourages you to use your imagination and actually cook more from scratch, rather than relying on oven ready foods that are full of salt and too much sugar. Changing from a meat diet to a much more healthy one should not only be enjoyable, but a lifetime of education. Love the recipes ... Loving the fun. And especially, loving the animals ...
Kathleen Mitty (Mon, 15th Jul, 2013)

You Said It!
Fried Lettuce?
All my friends think that i only need air, water and something green, but they feel like crap, and i feel great, so i just let them see my salads and chia seeds and I let them know that ALL of us are not getting younger and we are going to rot like the meat they eat...
Omar (Tue, 26th Feb, 2013)
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