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Mission #7:
Food Fling!

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today's mission is to do a 7-thing food fling.

Get ready. This is a super fun one! I learned about the value of "flinging" clutter from Flylady, who helped me get my home in order and inspired me to do this Vegan at Heart project. Every once in a while, Flylady asks us to do a "27 thing fling," where we take objects that get in our way and either pitch them, fix them, or give them to charity. It feels SOOOO LIBERATING!!! Getting rid of clutter lessens the stress of rummaging through crap every day and releases us from the shame we feel when we come across things we don't use and don't love. It opens us to better, (more vegan) things that we can feel good about.

1. Find 7 food items in your kitchen that you don't need or don't use. Start with your fridge and freezer and move to your pantry. Examples of good things to fling: anything stale, moldy, decomposing, or expired; salad dressing bottles that were opened 5 months ago; ice cream that's got fuzzy white freezer burn; flavor packets that could qualify as vintage.

2. Fling it in the trash. If it's in a recyclable container, dump the contents and recycle the container.

Set your timer to 10 mins. and get flinging!


P.s. Water. Vitamins.


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You Said It!
FlyLady my angel for clutter-free
We've been working on decluttering slowly over the last few months, with a retreat and a work trip in between. I love the welcome message. I felt like my favorite aunt was saying "Jeri, I'll help you. Don't get ahead of yourself. You don't have to do it all and not all at once either. It's gonna be fine." aaaaah =o)
Jeri@godsdreamsforme (Wed, 4th Aug, 2010)

You Said It!
practice practice
I do this fling thing on occasion, I am inspired to do it now with intention
Runita (Tue, 20th Oct, 2009)
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