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Mission #4:
Food You Never Knew Was Vegan

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to read about vegan convenience foods from your everyday grocery store.

People are usually blown away by the amount of grocery store convenience foods that just happen to be vegan. Granted, a lot of these are overpackaged and overprocessed, so if you're going for a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, you don't want to live off of this stuff. However, they do come in handy for certain things.

  1. Check out this site.

  2. Click on the tabs and note the products you think you might see yourself buying one day.

  3. If you want to add any of them to your shopping list, please do.

This is a short one. Set your timer to three minutes and get focused!

;-) Marisa

P.s. I've got a white wine glass full of water with about 10 blueberries sitting at the bottom. It helped wash down my morning vitamins.


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You Said It!
Is there one of these for fast food places? I want to know if the breads at subway are vegan. Obviously the ones that have honey or cheese are not vegan, but what about the wheat bread?
Lauren (Thu, 31st May, 2012)

You Said It!
Too many processed foods
Personally I found it easier to not eat any processed foods and make almost every thing at home from whole foods. The salt and fat content in most processed foods are off the charts. When you make it yourself, you have much more control over what is in your food. I would not use 95% off the stuff on those lists. 
aCountryVegan (Sun, 20th May, 2012)
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