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Mission #3:
Vitamins and Water

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today's mission is to take your vitamins and drink your water.

Where are your vitamins? Are they collecting dust in a cupboard? Have you pulled a "marisa" by buying ginko biloba to improve your memory and then forgetting to take it?

Unfortunately, vitamins and other supplements have to actually be inside your body for them to work. I try to eat a diverse, nutrient-rich diet but taking vitamins is good insurance when my diet falls short. We can all use some insurance. If you're already vegetarian or plan to go vegetarian or vegan, take a vegetarian vitamin. Not only do they provide the essentials such as extra B12, but they're also made without gelatin, aka, remnants of animals from rendering facilities. Ew.

Speaking of water, you've heard how important it is to drink water. But did you know that sometimes when you feel tired or hungry, that's also a sign that you need water? I happen to think that plain ole water is bow-ring! I really won't drink it unless I have fun doing it. Here are some ideas to make drinking water more exciting:

- ad a slice of lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange.
- instead of ice cubes, add frozen berries to give it a fruity zing and a nice hue.
- drink it out of a wine glass.

To the left of my keyboard is a red wine glass with chilled, filtered tap water with three frozen raspberries. HOW FANCY AM I!?!

Today, please find your vitamins, dust them off, take them with food and water (they are absorbed better this way) and put them somewhere where you can't miss them. And do something to make drinking water more fun.

If you don't have vitamins, add them to that handy dandy shopping list!



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You Said It!
Hair Growth Nutrients
Hey Judy, what a classic scenario--I could totally have done either of those myself! Re: the hair sure to get enough zinc (found in highest concentration in pumpkin seeds but also in legumes, beans, nuts and whole grains. Those are good sources of protein too, which also plays a role in hair growth.) You might want to talk to a nutriitonist who is knowledgeable about plant-based diets. Can't hurt, right?
Marisa (Mon, 16th Mar, 2009)

You Said It!
WoW! I found those vitamins!
My vitamins are lurking around me, but I forget to take them. I ran out of the Multi Vitamins. Once, I picked up a bottle and thought it was low in calcium, but I bought it anyway. It was vitamins for MEN! I'm more careful now, although I did buy deodorant for TEENS! What vitamin should I take for growing hair? I'm losing it!!
Judy Lust (Sat, 14th Mar, 2009)
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