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Tips from Film Subject Tesla
01 Aug 2011

Tips from Tesla

This Vegan at Heart mission is brought to you by Tesla, one of the three meat and cheese lovers who went vegan in our documentary film, Vegucated. Tesla was the sassy yet sincere college student who lived with her family in Queens and didn't like vegetables or beans.

Hey all you Vegan-ish peeps out there!

I wanted to let you know how I overcame my biggest struggle when doing the vegan 6-week challenge for
Vegucated. The thing going through my mind the moment I signed that contract (Yes, Marisa made us sign a contract!) was “I can’t eat ANYTHING!!! AHHH!!!”  I started to make a mental list of everything I couldn’t eat. This went on for several hours. I had to be vegan for 6 weeks so I had to start changing my way of thinking. So I started out by making a list of everything I could eat. And I mean EVERYTHING I could eat. I wrote down everything I knew I could eat because the longer the list the better I felt about it. So your mission if you choose to accept it (I was looking forward to writing this just so I can use that phrase) is to make a list of everything you can eat! Every fruit, veggie, snack, cookies (mmmm cookies) anything and everything you know is vegan. If you need help with this use these awesome websites I used to help me begin my journey.

First on the list is the PETA website that has a list of
Accidentally Vegan” foods. I love to know I can still eat my Oreo cookies!  

Second is a link to a website that gives you a list of foods you can eat at popular restaurant chains. Vegan Eating Out has saved me on more than one occasion! This one time (at band camp lol) my husband, brother and I wanted to eat and we were driving from an amusement park. The only thing on the roads are those service centers. The next one was Taco Bell and majority rules and we went there to eat. I thought I couldn’t eat anything. I also thought it was cruel because I used to loooooove Taco Bell and now I can’t eat it. But I used my trusty smartphone and went on
Vegan Eating Out and looked up Taco Bell. I found out I can eat a lot! I had a Burrito with rice and beans and pico the gallo with some avocado! I was in heaven! So check this website out. It's awesome!

Last but not least
Happy Cow gives you a list all of vegan, vegetarian or veg-friendly resturaunts in any area you want! I found the best veg restaurant in my area was a Chinese takeout spot a few blocks away from me called Happy Buddha. It serves all traditional Chinese meals but with all mock meat and its all vegan!! Mock meat is awesome because I am the pickiest chubby girl in the world and food that taste like food I used to eat but with the guilt on the side makes me a Happy Buddha!! 
Good Luck this week!!!

P.s. Have any feedback for Tesla? Leave a comment and lettuce know!







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You Said It!
You Rock, Tesla!
Nice. Way to show the power of an open mind, and heart.
Ken (Wed, 10 Aug, 2011)

You Said It!
more veg restaurant options
check out for and even bigger list of veg friendly restaurants.
fred (Wed, 10 Aug, 2011)
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