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Mission #23:
What Am I Eating Tomorrow?

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to schedule a time of day to ask yourself, “What am I eating tomorrow?”

This mission piggybacks onto our weekly meal planning habit. Just even a little bit of thinking ahead will save you so much grief, money, and guilt that comes with eating food that’s expensive and/or unhealthy.

1. Set a time of day when you ask yourself, "What am I eating tomorrow?"

For me, this works well at night as part of my winding-down routine. If I have to pack a lunch, this is the time to do it. Or if I have to marinate tofu, doing it now will make tomorrow's dinner prep much faster. (You: What? Marinate something? That involves numerous steps. Are you kidding? Me: I know. It sounds crazy but planning ahead just a little bit is much easier and less time-consuming than you think. And who knows, you just might become one of those tofu-marinaters yourself!)



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You Said It!
This is a good piggyback
It's one thing to schedule the meals for the week. But then it's good to back it up to make sure you are ready for the next day. Not only is this good in terms of eating well, and peacefully, but it's economical as well. It's generally MUCH chepaer to take my lunch to work, as opposed to buying stuff when I'm there.
David (Thu, 28th Aug, 2008)


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