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Mission #27:
Let Us Cheer You On

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today’s mission is to check out the Cheering Section and let us cheer you on.

You're almost four weeks into your missions. I'm sure some challenges and questions have come up by now and maybe some  victories too. Well, don't keep them to yourself; lettuce know!

We built the Cheering Section to give Vegans at Heart a chance to really talk back and give the rest of us a chance to address your needs and cheer you on.

So, scroll through the Cheering Section and click on any posts you might find helpful, then feel free to share your own.

Yay, rah, you!

Your fan,


P.s. What are you having for dinner tomorrow? Since tomorrow’s a gym night, I’ll do something fast: a veggie Thai peanut stir-fry using the noodles and flavor packet by Thai Kitchen.



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You Said It!
Thank you.
I have been following all the missions so far and think they have been great. They've introduced me to more areas of veganism than I would have known. Of course, I am now shopping too much at Pangea, but that's another story. Thank you for all your hard work putting these missions together Marissa. Best,
Maryann Zappulla (Wed, 9th Feb, 2011)

You Said It!
General Comment for Vegan at Heart
Dear Marisa, I saw you speak at "the Meat of the Matter' panel in NYC for Climate Week. (Mia MacDonald from Brighter Green is a colleague of mine). I've never attempted a vegetarian diet much less a vegan diet but after your panel with Mia, I signed on to Vegan at Heart. I have to tell you-- my body, mind, energy, level of productivity, ect, has made a gorgeous turn around! I'm thrilled to have made this step in my personal life as well as be an example to my friends and family and have information to share with them about health but, even MORE importantly, not contributing as much to an industry that is cruel to animals and the environment. Without V@H, I would not have been able to get the ball rolling. Until I get more of a hang on the info and the habits I'll be using the daily missions I've gotten from you over the past month. Thanks again so much! I've recommended it to countless people! Cheers! Erin
Erin Hinkle (Sun, 25th Oct, 2009)


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