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Mission #29:
Vegan Vitamins

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Today your mission is to read about vegan supplements and where to find them.

Okay. You’re in the home stretch here. And if there’s one thing you know now, it’s that the best way to get your nutrients is to eat a diverse, balanced, plant-based, whole foods diet, where all the nutrients in each food work in concert with one another to sustain your body. Still, Jack Norris, the registered dietitian affiliated with Vegan Outreach, recommends taking a few supplements for extra insurance.

  1. Read the information below.
  2. If you want to adopt a vegan or nearly-vegan lifestyle, order one or more of these online…or schedule a time to buy them at the health food store.
  3. And buy yourself a treat while you’re at it as a reward for sticking through these missions!

Here are several options of where to get supplements for the nutrients you read about yesterday.

Vitamin B12 in a daily vegetarian multi-vitamin such as:
Country Life Vegetarian Support, found in health food stores
VegLife Vegan One Multiple, also found in health food stores
VeganLife Multivitamin, found at Pangea
Dr. Fuhrman’s Gentle Care Formula Multivitamin, found here.

Omega 3 fats in a separate dose (I take it a every other day)
NuTru’s O-mega-Zen3 gelcaps, found at Pangea or at Vegan Essentials
Deva Vegan Omega-3 DHA softgels, found at Vegetarian Vitamin
Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA Purity drops, found on his website.

(TMI: I can’t stand the drops; they make me gag, but my colleague, Mary, loves them!)

Calcium and Vitamin Din a daily dose (I take it every day)
Dr. Fuhrman’s Osteo-Sun (both calcium and D)
VeganLife’s Cal/Mag tablets, found at Pangea

Don’t forget the reward part. You earned it!

:-) Marisa


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You Said It!
vitamin % response
Hi, Lisa. Good question. I don't know of any with such low dosages, but of the ones listed, Dr. Fuhrman's Gentle Care come the closest to what you're looking for. If you read the product description, you'll see that he goes to great lengths to make this vitamin exceptionally gentle and safe for everyone. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable taking just one tablet instead of the recommended two?
Marisa (Thu, 11th Dec, 2008)

You Said It!
vitamin %
thanks for all your tips, it has been very interesting. i have a question about this tip with the vitamins. it is great to have a vegan supplement, however the % are so high! i would prefer a vitamin with 50-75% of each vitamin plus 100% for b-12. that way i know i am not getting more than i need. do you know of any options like that? thank you.
lisa (Wed, 10th Dec, 2008)


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