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Mission #24:
Vegan Options at Restaurant Chains

Dear Vegan at Heart,

Many urbanites who are spoiled with tons of veg & ethnic restaurants experience pretty serious culture shock when they brave the suburban frontier with its strip malls, fast food joings, and chain restaurants.

Most people don’t realize, though, that many chain restaurants and even fast food places (gasp!) have vegan options. I know that some people boycott chains & fast food places completely, while others feel it's important to buy vegan options to show the restaurant that there is a market for vegan food. I'll leave it up to you whether you want to patronize these places, but in any case, it's good to be informed of these options.

1.) Peruse PETA's alphabetical list of "Vegan Fare at Restaurant Chains."
2.) If you have an iPhone, be sure to download the Vegan Xpress app so you can have vegan restaurant chain options with you on the go.

Have fun out and about!



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You Said It!
Vegan options at Chains - Awesome!
This is so helpful! All the missions are, but this one takes the pressure off.
Jeri @godsdreamsforme (Wed, 4th Aug, 2010)

You Said It!
Re: Hard Times and Mac Grill
This list says Hard Times Cafe's veggie burger is vegan, but I contacted Hard Times and they told me they use the non-Vegan Morningstar Farms grillers burger (wtf do they even MAKE a non-vegan veggie burger???). The veggie chili is indeed vegan, though, and delicious. Also, be careful with the sauce at Romanos Macaroni Grill. The arrabbiata (spicy tomato) is vegan, but the tomato-basil is made with meat stock. Ask your server-they are trained to know which ones are vegan (I used to be one of them). Actually, since menus and suppliers change frequently it is never a bad idea to ask.
Steve (Thu, 5th Nov, 2009)
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