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Dear Vegan at Heart,

Congratulations on completing 30 missions. Go, you!

Itís not easy to open up the emails, knowing itís ďanother thing to do.Ē And it takes more effort to do them. But you did it! And as a result, youíve maybe learned a little bit and been a little more vegan than you normally mightíve been. The animals have benefited, the earth has benefited, and hopefully your body has too.

You mightíve heard that vegetarians save 95 animals a year. If thatís true and youíve been vegetarian for the past six weeks, youíve saved about 10 animals. If youíve been vegetarian half the time, thatís 5 animals. You also mightíve heard that switching from the average American diet to a vegan one for a year will prevent 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. How cool is that! (Literally.)

Itís hard to wrap oneís mind around numbers and concepts, but when you bring it down to the individual level, itís easier to comprehend.

As a reward for your hard work, I think youíll enjoy reading about Maxine, a cow who escaped a NYC slaughterhouse last year and will live out her life in a truly blissful place, Farm Sanctuary. I strongly encourage you to watch the heart-warming, very brief video clip that accompanies it.

Thanks again for helping me with this project and for caring about the planet.

Your fan,

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